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Boundary Disputes

Experts in property line demarcations

A Boundary Disputes sound like it should be easy to resolve; "Check the Ordinance Survey plans used by the Land Registry and you have your resolution". Unfortunately not.

Ordinance Survey plans only show general boundaries for properties but often lack the detail to provide conclusive evidence.

This ambiguity can lead to lengthy disputes that can be costly to settle. The best option is to get in touch with a fully qualified surveyor with experience in property line demarcations.

How Can Allied Surveyors Help with my Boundary Dispute?

Allied Surveyors are experienced independent surveyors who can help:

  • Analyse - Analyse historical documents relating to the landscape and the properties.
  • Report - Prepare a report containing; a plan of the disputed area, deed plans, Land Registry documents and any other relevant information.
  • Negotiate - Help you agree a settlement with the disputed party.
  • Expert Report - Provide a Court Compliant Report.
  • Court - Represent your interests at any court hearing.

Where do Allied Surveyors carry out Boundary Disputes?

Allied Surveyors carry out Boundary Disputes nationwide.

Our office specialises in the greater West Midlands area including; Birmingham, Coventry, Staffordshire and Redditch. We also cover Shropshire, Central Wales and the Welsh Border.

How much does a Boundary Dispute cost?

The cost of a Boundary Dispute varies depending on the severity of the dispute and how long it may take to resolve.

If you would like to find out how much a Boundary Dispute may cost you, why not contact us?

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